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We specialize in high-end interior and exterior residential repaints, with some commercial and new construction. Friendly Painters, appreciative customers, respectful & courteous atmosphere.

High-quality people, products, and process through and through.
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A smart-phone is required with fluency in texting, emailing, and apps. We provide training for specific apps we use.
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Are you able to transport yourself from jobsite to jobsite throughout the work day? (Along with materials and equipment, if needed)? *

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Before we can hire you, there will be a criminal background check and I-9 Verification. *

Do you have a neat, professional appearance? (No visible piercings, loose jewlery, or tatoos above the neckline.) *

Considerate Smokers leave no ashes or butts, and do not smoke inside or around someone's home. Are you a considerate smoker? *

Life is a learning journey. We are all learning something new every day. Share something you have recently learned. *

Learning new skills means more opportunity and benefits.
Arriving on time shows respect for your co-workers, your job, and the customer! *

On-time means 10 minutes early...

Are you ok with working full days in the hot sun? *

Work can be inside or outside; job locations change frequently.

Do you have the strength and coordination to move and position (by yourself) a 28' or smaller extension ladder? *

Do you have any physical limitations that could prevent you from performing duties common to the painting trade? Trouble with heights? Medications that make you dizzy? Lifting restrictions? *

What formal group or classroom training have you completed?

Which competitive sports have you participated in during your life? *

Intramural, pickup games, etc. are OK! Casual play is not included.

Painter A can paint 2 doors in one hour. Painter B can paint 4 doors in one hour. Both do the work safely and with excellent quality. *

Who should be hired? Choose only one.

Explain product lines below:What paint brands and lines of paint do you have the most experience with? *

Please list any painting equipment you currently own. *

We are a company who cares, has fun, and has high expectations of performance. Please explain how you would be a great fit! *

What hourly wage ($) are you looking for? *

Numbers only please.
Finally, Is there anything else you would like to add, share, or have a question you would like to ask?

Thank you for applying! A member of our team will reach out to you if you qualify for an interview.

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